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Communication with the native

The complete communication course with foreign teachers helps students to get closer to the German language: intonation, broken sentences, asking questions, common idioms and vocative (Duzen or Siezen).

After completing the course, students can communicate confidently in German. In addition, the teachers impart extensive and interesting knowledge about Germany, the culture and lifestyle of Germans to the students.
Please contact the hotline: 19007060 for free advice and registration for a complete German communication course with foreign teachers.

Please see the details of Level A1, A2, B1, B2 in the content for each level. Otherwise, you can state the contents that you want to learn.

After the course you can:

  • Master 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing.
  • Better pronunciation. The ability to communicate in German is improved, with natural intonation, appropriate sentence breaks and sensible word use.
  • Understand the structures and grammar used in communication situations.
  • Are more active, master conversational situations through daily communication activities and discussion topics with German teachers.

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