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Lesson 1

To be able to introduce your nationality and improve your speaking skills in German, don't forget to have a look at this lesson.

Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Die Berufe (Profession) helps you how to use the right vocabulary about jobs and career depending on gender and how to use it in daily conversation.

Lesson 3

Introducing you the number in German and help you to be able to count from 1 to 100

Lesson 4 - Part 1

This lesson provides the vocabulary about furniture and how to use it in daily conversation.

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German Listening Practice 2

This is the exercise for listening to the topic of Bei den Großeltern. You will hear a recording and then complete the questions below.

German Listening Practice 3

This listening practice includes 6 questions and an audio. You should look at the question first and then listen to the audio to complete the exercise.

German Listening Practice 4

In today's lesson, we will refer to the following German listening practice with the topic Eine lange Reise (a long journey).

German Listening Practice 5

This is a listening practice for German language learners regarding the topic of Deutsch lernen. Here you will see 6 questions and hear the audio, then complete this practice and check your answers to see your progress!

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German Speaking Lesson 1

Of the considerable number of parts of speech, nouns are maybe the most essential. Come with us to find out how to use German nouns

German‌ ‌Speaking‌ ‌Lesson 2

This lesson offers you the common structures that you can apply to greeting and self-introduction. There are also some notices that you should know while communicating in German.

German Speaking Lesson 3

After practising this German speaking lesson, we can understand English and German similarities, German cognates and pronounce “Denglisch” correctly.

German speaking lesson 4

In today’s lesson, we are going to deal with the German imperative. You will get to know how to ask somebody to do something in both formal and informal ways.

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Lesson 1: Verb - Endungen (verb conjugation)

This lesson introduces the verb endings in the present tense that are the same for “er” and “sie”.

Lesson 2: Bestimmte und unbestimmte Artikel (Definite and indefinite articles)

This lesson helps you to illustrate the difference between definite and indefinite articles in German.

Lesson 3: Verben mit Vokalwechsel (Verbs with a vowel change)

After this lesson, you will be able to know how to distinguish verbs in a simple way for beginners.

Lesson 4: Nominative oder Akkusativ

This lesson will introduce you to the differences between Nominativ and Akkusativ in German.

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Lesson 1: Begrüßungen - Übung

This lesson provides you with exercises which are appropriate for beginners.

Lesson 2: Erganzen

This lesson provides example conversation to help beginners practice their speaking skill.

Lesson 3: Schreiben Sie Satze

This lesson provides you with exercises which are appropriate for beginners.Arrange the word in the correctly order: ist/ mein Name / Anne Bar /. Mein name ist Anne Bar…... du / wer / und / bist / ? …………………………….. Sandra / heibe / ich / . …………………………….. kommst / woher / du / ? …………………………….. Österreich / ich / aus / komme / . …………………………….. sprechen / ein bisschen / ich / Englisch / ……………………………..

Lesson 4: s, ss, oder ß

This lesson helps beginners to improve their speaking and grammar skills.

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How to learn German effectively and overcome language barriers

There are good ways to study German. In this article, we will show you three effective ways to learn German, including mental preparation, study route and making plans.

German A1 books for beginners

Nowadays, there are a lot of German books and materials for beginners. The accurate materials will help you learn quickly and remember the words easily.

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