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One-to-one class

One-to-one tuition

The course is for those who want to study in the form of one-to-one. Flexible time, effective teaching and learning methods, easy interaction between teachers and students, the scope of knowledge according to the learning speed of the learners.

Please contact the hotline: 19007060 for advice and registration for the right course according to your needs.
Students can choose the program according to their needs.

After the one-to-one tuition with levels: A1 - A2 - B1 - B2:

- Acquire knowledge appropriate to the level.
- You can listen, understand and react in appropriate communication situations.
- Practice reading and comprehension skills. You can write or add to the information on the documents and the relevant contexts.
- Have a solid knowledge base to continue learning to a higher level.


After one-to-one lesson on communication - tourism

- Get used to German, standard and fluent pronunciation.
- You can listen, understand and communicate with real situations in everyday life.
- Have a basic knowledge of the German language and culture.

- Obtain linguistic aptitude according to the level.

- Have the ability to listen and respond in corresponding situations.

- Practice reading and writing in various contexts.


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