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German A1 books for beginners

Choosing the best A1 German books right from the start will be a solid start for you. A wise man once said “Books are the great masters of mankind”, and choosing the right book will help you learn more efficiently. With the purpose of helping you to find the right masters for the A1 German learning path, this article will show you types of German books for beginners.

Types of A1 German books

For those of you who are still not clear about A1, according to CEFR (European Framework of Reference for Languages), German has six levels of learning from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 respectively. Equivalent from basic level to advanced level. 

German A1 books for beginners

Books for learning German A1

Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to improving German at a basic level to help you become fluent in Germany, support in your study process as well as your study abroad plan. Here, Phuong Nam Education will introduce you to all kinds of books to learn German A1.

A1 German language course

Schritte International

Schritte International of Hueber publishing house is selected as one of the TOP 5 outstanding A1 German textbooks. In 2016, Schritte International had a new name, Schritte International Neu with a very attractive appearance.

German A1 books for beginners

Schritte International coursebooks

A special feature of Schritte International is that this series of books includes 14 lessons with three levels A1, A2, B1 with extremely easy to understand presentation. You will be acquainted from basic to advanced sections such as greetings, self-introductions, health visits, asking names, jobs, daily activities,... 

Menschen Neu A1 - B1

Another A1 German textbook of Hueber publishing chosen by many young people just starting to learn German. In 2016, the book series was updated with more new topics accessible to students.

German A1 books for beginners

Menschen Neu coursebooks

With the German book A1 Menschen Neu, communication is prioritized over grammar, so it will be very suitable for those who want to improve their German communication. 

German workbook

Talking about A1 German workbooks, it is impossible not to mention the A - B - C Grammatik books and the Einfach Grammatik A1 bis B1 books.

A - B - C Grammatik

The A - B - C Grammatik series is a very good book for any young person who wants to improve their German grammar. For A1 level, Grammatik is very suitable for you.

German A1 books for beginners

Grammar book A - B - C Grammatik

Grammatik has a difference compared to A1 German language books is that there is a general knowledge section at the beginning of the lesson, presented in a tabular format that is easy to understand.

Besides, Grammatik has a lot of good and practical examples, helping you to understand the lesson quickly and immediately apply it in practice. What you need to do is look carefully at the summary table and do the following exercises in combination with listening practice with the accompanying CD.

Einfach Grammatik A1 bis B1

The second German A1 exercise book that Phuong Nam Education would like to introduce to you is the Einfach Grammatik A1 bis B1 book of the publishing house Langenscheidt. This is a book with a lot of diverse exercises which are very suitable for those who want to improve their skills. 

German A1 books for beginners

Einfach Grammatik workbook A1 bis B1

The good thing about Einfach Grammatik A1 bis B1 is that in the same lesson, there are exercises from A1 to A2, B1 should help you in challenging yourself. You can do it or try the exercises at A2 or B1 to assess your current ability. This book is an ideal suggestion for you to practice after learning that theory.

Choose the right A1 german book

In addition to the two German textbooks and workbooks that Phuong Nam Education mentioned above, there are other types of A1 German learning books that you could achieve. However, you need to understand your own abilities and the goals you want to achieve in order to choose the right A1 German book for you.

For those of you who are self-studying at home, using two textbooks as suggested by Phuong Nam Education is extremely appropriate because of the easy-to-understand presentation, vocabulary, and grammar.

For higher level books like Begegnung A1+, A2+, B1+ by Schubert Verlag or the German textbook Netzwerk, self-study is very difficult for you. You need a teacher to help you learn in the most effective way.

If you still can't find a place to help you improve your German, Phuong Nam Education with 100% qualified teachers with a high passing rate of students, is always ready to be a place to guide and support you on your journey to learning basic German. For any questions regarding the course, do not hesitate to contact Phuong Nam Education via hotline 1900 7060!

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