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German Speaking Lesson 9

Speed-dating refers to a way of meeting people for possible romantic relationships. In this event, you are supposed to talk with a lot of people for just a short time.

Introduce yourself

So, make sure that you can’t use broken German once you join in this event.

In this German speaking lesson, we will show you how to introduce yourself in German in a speed-dating to your partners.

Essential verbs to introduce yourself in German

sein (to be)

As in the previous lesson, you learned how to use sein in the present tense. In today lesson, we will review the uses of sein to talk about yourself.

  I am   ich bin
  You are (informal)   du bist
  You are (formal)   Sie sind
  He is   er ist
  She is   sie ist
  It is   es ist
  All of you are (informal)   ihr seid
  All of you are (formal)   sie sind
  We are   wir sind
  They are   sie sind


heißen (to be called)

Besides sein, another way to tell your name is to use the verb heißen. Watch out for the letter “ß” and review its pronunciation learned in previous lessons.

  I am called   ich heiße
  You are called (informal)   du heißt
  You are called (formal)   Sie heißen
  He is called   er heißt
  She is called   sie heißt
  It is called   es heißt
  All of you are called (informal)   ihr heißt
  We are called   wir heißen
  They are called   sie heißen


After having uttered your name, you will learn ways to say where you are from in German.

aus kommen (to come from)

  I am from   ich komme aus
  You are from (informal)   du kommst aus
  You are from (formal)   Sie kommen aus
  He is from   er kommt aus
  She is from   sie kommt aus
  It is from   es kommt aus
  All of you are from (informal)   ihr kommt aus
  We are from   wir kommen aus
  They are from   sie kommen aus


Did you see that both heißen and aus kommen use those “normal” verb endings that we talked about in our introduction to verbs? So those endings should be looking pretty familiar by now.

Above are three important words sein, heißen and aus kommen used in introducing your name and your place.

Specific verbs to talk about your hobbies in German

You can impress your mates in a speed dating event by sharing your hobbies.

You can follow this structure by using the word gern (like):

Subject + verb (with the correct verb ending) + gern + noun




  (to play)

  Ich spiele gern Fußball.

  (I like to play football.)


  (to dance)

  Er tanzt gern.

  (He likes to dance.)


  (to sing)

  Wir singen gern.

  (We like to sing.)


  (to cook)

  Ich koche gern.

  (I like to cook.)


  (to swim)

  Play Ich schwimmne gern.

  (I like to swim.)


Time for gentlemen to practice German

We will provide you the situation, and then you will answer “Ja!” “Nein!” or “Vielleicht…” (“Yes”, “No” or “Maybe…”) to figure out which of these things you should say or not.

You are supposed to be a gentleman who starts the conversation in the speed dating event first. What should you say?

a/ “Ich komme aus Deutschland.”

b/ “Ich bin freundlich.”

c/ “Ich bin arm.”

d/ “Ich bin romantisch.”

e/ “Ich spiele gern Karten mit Oma.”

f/ “Ich tanze gern.” 

g/ “Ich spiele gern Tennis.”

Please check the translation and the recommended answers as below.

  a/ “I am from Germany.”

  b/ “I am friendly.”

  c/ “I am poor.”

  d/ “I am romantic.”

  e/ “I like playing cards with Grandma.”

  f/ “I like dancing.”

  g/ “I like playing tennis.”









Well-done! The gentleman has finished his interesting story.

So, how the ladies respond to him and how to figure out their spiel? Let’s continue with ladies’ part below:

Time for the ladies to speak German

It’s time for ladies in speed dating to talk about themselves.

We are having three ladies sharing their amazing topics below. Let's figure it out!


  Hallo! Ich heiße Lisa.   Hello! My name is Lisa.
  Ich komme aus Korea.   I come from Korea.
  Ich bin sportlich.   I am sporty.
  Ich spiele gern Fußball und Tennis.   I like playing football and tennis.



  Guten Abend. Ich heiße Selena.   Good evening. My name is Selena.
  Ich komme aus Kanada.   I come from Canada.
  Ich spiele gern Schach.   I like playing chess.
  Ich tanze gern.   I like dancing.
  Ich bin freundlich.   I am friendly.



  Hallo. Ich heiße Alida.   Hello. My name is Aida.
  Ich komme aus Australien.   I come from Australia.
  Ich spiele gern mit meinen Katzen.   I like playing with my cats.
  Ich bin reich.   I am rich.


Imagine you are in this interesting event. So who will you fall for? A rich cat lady, a friendly lady or a sporty one?

Introduce yourself

Just kidding! Your main purpose is to practice German speaking patterns above. Keep practicing, and we’ll see you in the next German lessons!

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