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Heavy traffic fines in Germany

In Germany, cycling is also not allowed for those who are drunk because if they violate, they can lose their driver's license immediately

According to The Local, almost all of the countries in the world have traffic laws which ignore pedestrians or cyclists. Germany is one of the few countries that penalizes both pedestrians and cyclists.


traffic lights in Germany

Traffic lights with the figure of a man walking in Germany

Although the fine is quite gentle, Germany still has its own rules for pedestrians. If pedestrians run a red light, they can be fined $6.


bicycles in Germany

Bicycles in Germany are required to have lights

If the bike doesn't have the proper lights, the rider can be fined up to $30. In addition, the lights must be fastened and bright. The fine for a cyclist running a red light is $70 and he or she will be deducted one point from the driver's license (if any).

Helmets are not mandatory for cyclists in Germany. However, if riding a bicycle while the amount of alcohol in the blood or breath exceeds the prescribed limit, the driver may have his or her driving license revoked (if any), or even be criminally handled.


motorbikes in Germany

In Germany, as in many other countries, motorbikes, even during the day, 

are required to turn their lights on.

The motorcycle drivers and the person sitting behind must wear helmets. Like bicycles, other two-wheeled vehicles are required to turn their lights on when participating in traffic, even during the day.

Car drivers

3 on-board items

Drivers must have 3 on-board items: reflective vest, reflective triangle plate and first aid box. 

Car drivers must come with an on-board device such as: reflective vest, reflective triangle plate and first aid box. In case the car breaks down or has an accident, the driver must place a triangle sign 100 m from the back of the car (200 m on the Autobahn).

In addition to the driver, all passengers in the car must wear seat belts while traveling. This rule also applies to buses. Passengers of legal age who do not wear seat belts will be fined $35.

Children under 1.5 m can double the level: seat in child seat and wear seat belt. The driver will be fined $70 if the child is not safely secured and then will be deducted one point  from the driver's license (as specified in Flensburg). If there are many children who are not secured at the same time, the fine is up to $80. Drivers who exceed the speed limit are fined from $12 to $795. In addition, there is an additional penalty of deducting points from the driver's license and suspending the driver's license from one to three months.

Penalties for drivers who are drunk, or under the influence of drugs, are severe. Violators are fined from $585 to $1,750. In addition, the license is suspended for many months as well as the driver's license is deducted many points at once.

 In Germany, the blood alcohol limit is 0.5 mg/ml. Drivers with a blood alcohol level is 1.1 mg/ml can be criminally prosecuted and face court. If using drugs while driving, the driver can be prosecuted and banned from driving.

Like many other countries in Europe and around the world, Germans are restricted from honking. Car horns are only used in a few special cases, such as to avoid collisions.

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