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The 6 most beautiful beaches in Germany

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    Germany is an attractive tourist destination. It not only has many beautiful places, romantic landmarks, massive architecture, and magnificent castles, but it also has clear blue beaches. If you are planning to explore this wonderful land, consider these beautiful and famous beaches in Germany on our list.

    Binzer Strand beaches

    Where in Germany should you go in the summer? The summer in Germany is quite pleasant, but there are still hot times from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, so the beaches in Germany are a great stop for visitors. And Binzer Strand is an ideal destination we want to introduce to you. Although this beach is not too famous and doesn’t have many tourist services, it always draws the attention of visitors. That’s because Binzer Strand has beauty in the rough. It is also a poetic and ideal place to relax and sightsee. When you set foot in Binzer Strand, you will find the atmosphere around here quite peaceful. You can immerse yourself in the water to have some fun or to swim. You can find a place on the sand, lying to see the clouds. Feeling the cool breeze of wind is fascinating. In addition, when you get a chance to come to Binzer Strand, you can explore the surrounding fishing villages, learn about the life of fishermen, and enjoy extremely delicious seafood dishes. Overall, Binzer Strand will be a great spot for your next visit.

    Beaches in Germany

    ‎The peaceful beauty of Binzer Strand beaches

    Rostock beaches

    Among the beautiful and famous beaches in Germany, Rostock is a popular one that can't be missed. This coast is favored by nature for its romantic, blue sea and white sand beaches, making Rostock a wonderful spot. Around the sea, there are plenty of entertainment activities to meet the visitors’ needs such as canoeing, snorkeling, sightseeing on a boat ride, etc. After the activities in the sea, you can visit the amusement parks or traditional fair about 2 km away to participate and learn about German culture.

    Beaches in Germany

    ‎Enjoy your great holiday at Rostock beach‎

    Rugen beaches

    If you're wondering where to visit in Germany, you should consider Rugen. It is well known as the largest and the most beautiful beach in Germany. Each year, it attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Coming to Rugen, you will be impressed by the clear blue water, seeing all the way through the bottom. Activities like swimming and boating are taking place right on the beach. There are also many beautiful places to check in around here. Moreover, music events, and underwater festivals, etc. usually take place here. We ensure that if you get here, you will not want to leave it at all.

    beaches in Germany

    Check in at the beautiful beaches of Rugen 

    Usedom Island

    In Germany, there are many beautiful and famous beaches, in which it is impossible not to mention the island of Usedom, also known as the Pomeranian Usedom. This island is located in a quite special location. Between Germany and Poland, owning a beach up to 46 km wide, Usedom Island has become the most popular attraction. Unlike other beaches that are often noisy and bustling, Usedom Island is somewhat more peaceful and is a great place for those who are looking for a vacation. The waves here are not too strong but fluctuate in each beat, so it is very suitable for family trips with young children. As for the cuisine, similar to other German beaches, seafood is always the main dish. There is nothing better than having fresh seafood BBQ parties right on the beach, immersing in nature, and enjoying the peaceful space.

    Nature in Germany

    Immersing in nature at Usedom Island

    Lübeck Bay

    Another option for you is Lübeck Bay, which has many charming and poetic beaches. Coming to Lübeck Bay, you will see many beautiful beaches such as Timmendofer Beach, Scharbeutzer Beach, Gromitzer Beach, etc. with private and new spaces, bringing many different experiences to visitors. Some entertainment activities you should not miss when coming here are sunbathing, scuba diving, boating, surfing, etc. In particular, if you want to learn about the life of fishermen, then you should visit the traditional fishing villages here. Along with that, you can also see ancient fishing boats and rafts with your own eyes, helping you have more useful knowledge.

    Island in Germany

    Feeling the cool breeze of the wind at Lübeck Bay‎

    Sylt Island

    Known as “Queen of the North Sea”, Sylt Bay is known to be one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Germany. With a length of more than 40 km, this bay is favored by nature with countless beautiful beaches where you can relax and have fun. The most impressive thing for visitors is probably the smooth white sand, stretching around the clear blue coast, with green forests on land. All of them create a picturesque sea nature. Especially when it’s at dawn or sunset, the scenery is peaceful and fresh, bringing an extraordinary sense of comfort and relaxation.

    Island in Germany

    The scenery at Sylt Island at sunset

    Above are the 6 most beautiful and famous beaches in Germany. Hopefully, with our suggestions, you will have more choices and find the right tourist destination for your trip. And after each trip, don’t forget to keep your moments in photographs and make the memories for yourself. Have fun!


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