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Lesson 7

Hobbies and activities in free time

Today's topic is free time. As you all know, in our free time we can do a lot of activities.  What are the names of those activities in German? When we want to ask what someone does in their free time, how should we ask? Let's find out! This topic is very close to our daily life and its vocabulary is similar to English, so this is a pretty suitable topic for those who are new to learning German.

Wortschatz über das Thema "Freizeitaktivitäten"

In German, we have the word Hobby and Freizeitaktivitäten (activities in the free time) to illustrate the activities people do to reduce stress. There are some common Freizeitaktivitäten you should know.




 freuden treffen

 im Internet surfen





 tennis spielen



 musik hören

 spazieren gehen




 meet friends 

 surf the Internet 








 listen to music


 ins die Disko gehen

 ins Kino gehen

 ins Theater gehen


 am Computer spielen

 chatten/SMS schicken

 judo treiben



 flöte spielen 



 schach spielen



 go dancing

 go to the cinema

 go to the theater

 watch TV

 play on the computer


 doing judo






 play chess

 go biking

 to ski

If you notice, some hobbies have prepositions (im, am, ins...) in front, they are divided according to Akkusativ or Dativ depending on the action. These phrases are immutable, unchangeable. So when you study, you should learn the phrases to avoid confusion.

Hobby Groups

Hobby activities are also divided into many groups which include 4 main groups: Sportarte (sport activities), Musik (music activities), Kunst (art activities) and zu Hause (indoor activities). 

  • Sportarten: Fußball, Volleyball,  Tennis spielen, Ski fahren, Badminton spielen, Snowboard fahren, Rad/fahrrad fahren, Judo treiben,....
  • Musik: Gitarre spielen, Klavier spielen, Geige spielen, Flöte spielen, musik hören, singen, tanzen, in die Disko gehen,..
  • Kunst: zeichnen, malen, ins Kino gehen, ins Theater gehen, fotografieren…
  • Zu Hause: ein Buch lesen, Comics lesen, Fernsehen, Karten spielen, am Computer spielen, chatten, im Internet surfen, Sms schicken, Schach spielen, backen,


Question about free time

Asking about free time, you can use there follow structures:

  • Was sind deine Hobbys?  (What’s your hobby?)

Meine Hobbys sind…       (My hobby is……)

  • Was machst du in deiner Freizeit? (What do you do in your free time?)

Ich + Verb……                  (I.....)

Dialog Muster (Dialogue pattern)

A: Hey B, Was sind deine Hobbys?


B: Meine Hobbys sind schwimmen, backen und lesen. Und du?

Was machst du in deiner Freizeit?


A: Ich treibe Judo, spielen Fußball, und male. Wenn ich viel Freizeit habe, treffe ich mit meine Freunden und gehen wir in die Disko.


Hey B, What’s your Hobbies?


My hobbies are swimming, baking and reading. And you?

What do you do in your free time?


I play Judo, soccer and draw. When I have a lot of free time, I hang out with my friends and go dancing.

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