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Currywurst - scrumptious German street food

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    When it comes to German food, it is impossible not to mention sausages, which are listed in the top great dishes to try when you have a chance to visit Europe. Among 1500 varieties of German sausages, Currywurst is one of the most distinctive.

    What is Currywurst?

    Currywurst is a type of fast food that is very popular in Germany, especially in the urban areas of Berlin, Hamburg and Ruhr. This dish includes sausages that can either be roasted whole or sliced and covered with a curry tomato sauce. The sauce is made from either fresh tomatoes or tomato paste combined with curry powder. Currywurst is often served with chips or bread, which become a perfect combination for a convenient and nutritious quick meal. In addition to the delicious sausage, each store has their own ways of making sauces. There is a Currywurst museum right in Germany to introduce different kinds of sauces and spices for processing and serving.


    Currywurst is known as one of the best traditional German dishes

    Currently, Currywurst is available all over Germany as well as there are many many variations in the composition of the sauce. In addition to ketchup curry, people also add paprika (paprika) or chopped onions. With this creation, Currywurst becomes new and no less attractive. That’s why German sausages are very diverse and have their own special features.

    The key to a successful Currywurst is the quality of sausage. The sausage must always be of the highest quality. The Germans even use beef to make their sausages and deliver fresh food every day. Chefs processing this dish will think up their own hot sauce or curry sauce. The whole dish looks like “fireworks of flavor”.

    Origin of Currywurst

    Currywurst has become popular since the end of World War II (1945). At that time, food was scarce and Berliners were working hard to rebuild the ruined capital. It is said that this dish was invented in 1949 by Herta Heuwer, a woman living in Western Berlin. She mixed curry powder and ketchup (or possibly Worcestershire sauce) obtained from British soldiers in Germany, added other spices, then poured them over the grilled pork sausage.

    Herta Heuwer

    Herta Heuwer invented this cult snack in 1949

    Heuwer started selling this cheap but filling snack at a street stall in Berlin's Charlottenburg district. This is the place where many construction workers gathered at that time. In 1951, Heuwer’s Chillup sauce was patented. In its heyday, her stall sold 10,000 meals a week. She then set up a small restaurant, which closed in 1974.

    Celebration of Currywurst

    Currywurst is the most popular and typical traditional German dish. German people love this dish so much that they have a national holiday to celebrate the creation of this dish. The curry sausage brand is one of the most prominent features of German culinary culture. Over the years, recipes and flavor of Currywurst still remain like the old days. For German people and many other places in Europe, curry sausage is not only a fast food but it also represents their unique culture.

    Currywurst festival

    Currywurst festival attracts lots of domestic and international tourists

    Currywurst museum

    In Germany, Currywurst is so famous that there is even an art museum and a song about it. Curry sausage is one of the symbols of German culinary culture. In the capital city Berlin, a museum named after this dish was built in 2009 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its creation. "No other national German dish inspires so much history and has so many well-known fans", said museum curator Martin Loewer.

    Currywurst museum

    Currywurst museum - an ideal travel destination in Berlin, Germany

    Germans and Currywurst

    There are about hundreds of types of Currywurst sold in Germany each year. Whether people buy this dish in street stalls or in upscale restaurants, it still retains its traditional and attractive flavor. The upscale restaurant Bier at 195 Kudamm is famous for its serving. They serve Currywurst on crockery with a glass of champagne on request. At Wittenbergplatz, customers queue day and night just to get a curry sausage with an irresistible fragrance

    Former prime minister Gerhard Schroeder is known as a big fan of this traditional German dish. An interesting fact about Currywurst is that according to tradition, every candidate for Berlin’s mayor is photographed at a Currywurst stall.

    minister Gerhard Schroeder

    Former prime minister Gerhard Schroeder (left) enjoys Currywurst

    Currywurst is known as a scrumptious German street food. If you plan to visit Berlin, the hometown of curry sausage, you should try this dish once. Surely, you will cherish its taste forever. Wishing you a happy trip!

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