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German bread - the quintessence of world cuisine

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    When it comes to Germany, people often think of delicious sausages, exciting beer festivals, and reputable car brands. Besides, bread is also a dish that plays a very important role. It creates the richness and specialty of German cuisine. Let's take a brief look at different types of German bread.

    Bread - an essential part of German cuisine

    In Germany, it is estimated that there are more than 600 different types of bread. Over 1,200 types of bread flour are produced in approximately 17,000 ovens and 10,000 bakeries. The German people are really proud of their German bread because there is no place on earth that has the same taste.

    People here use almost every grain to make bread such as wheat, barley, rye, oats, millet, corn, and rice. Some bread is even made from potato starch. Based on the ingredients, German bread is divided into three main types: white bread (Weißbrot), gray bread (Graubrot), and rye bread (Schwarzbrot). In fact, bread always contains both wheat flour and rye flour, so there is also a mixed bread (Mischbrot).

    Grains are also added to the flavor of the bread such as flax, pumpkin, sunflower, or pumpkin seeds. The two most typical German bread with high nutritional content are Vollkornbrot and Schwarzbrot whole rye bread.

    german bread

    There is no place on Earth where bread has the same taste as in Germany

    How often do Germans eat bread?

    Germans eat bread at all times of the day. In the morning, bread is eaten with jam, butter, sausage, cheese, and some vegetables. Lunch is the most important meal. For Germans, in this meal, they eat the most food. Therefore, dinner in the German tradition is a light meal. It has a relatively similar structure to breakfast. Bread has deeply penetrated into the food culture of this country. In German, “Brot” means bread, and Germans call dinner “Abendbrot” (originally meaning evening bread) and snacks “Brotzeit”.

    Not just an essential food in life, the Germans also bring bread to their major festivals like Oktoberfest in Munich and Karneval, etc. Along with beer glasses of up to 1-liter capacity, Brezel and Brötchen bagels are popular bread during these holidays.

    According to some stories, Brezel bagels were baked by monks as gifts to children when they learned prayers by heart. The Brezel is shaped like a button, symbolizing the two hands clasped in front of the chest. Another story says that the shape of the Brezel is derived from the Roman ring-shaped cake.

    Germans love bread

    Germans love eating bread

    Bread - The indispensability of German food

    In different regions, the size of the ring button on the cake also changes. Nowadays, Brezel bagels are always made by hand. The baker is willing to spend years perfecting his Brezel technique. The shaping for this bread is not difficult. However, to do it right and to make a nice shape, the baker needs a lot of practice.

    Nice little round Brötchen bread is also a favorite food at Germany festivals. This bread has the same ingredients as the regular one. But its size is smaller, just for one person to eat. In different regions in Germany, Brötchen bread has a different name such as Rundstück, Semmel, Schrippe, or Weck, etc.

    In addition, bread is also a kind of food used for storing for the winter or rainy seasons in Germany. Whether you are a farmer, a merchant, or an earl, you eat the same slice of bread. In Germany, it is customary to pack thin slices of bread with dried nuts or cereals.

    various kinds of bread

    Bakeries produce various kinds of bread in Germany

    It can be said that bread is a dish carrying the soul of German cuisine. Each type of bread is more than just a flavor. It is also the image of a country with a very proud cuisine. Germans enjoy their bread like they enjoy a part of national culture. It's simple, rustic, but incredibly rich and memorable.

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