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Fairy tale beautiful lakes in Germany

Germany not only has the capital Berlin, the port city of Hamburg, the Cologne Cathedral, the Deutsche Museum, the Oktoberfest beer festival and the magnificent castles but also has many attractive tourist destinations. Those are really great places to visit that should be known.

Lake Eibsee in the southernmost part of Germany

Lake Eibsee is 9km from the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and about 10km southwest of Munich, with an average depth of about 12.2m, a maximum depth of 35.4m and a surface area of ​​177.4 hectares.

Lake Eibsee

Lake Eibsee

Lake Eibsee also has 8 small islands, Almbichl, Ludwigsinsel, Scheibeninsel, Maximiliansinsel, Schönbichl, Braxeninsel, Saseninsel, and Steinbichl.

The Eibsee is a famous tourist destination in Germany that you should visit. Every day, trains from Munich to the town of Garmisch - Partenkirchen depart once an hour. If you go by train, it will only take you about an hour and a half to the town. Holding the train ticket, you can then take a free bus to the Eibsee.

Lake Constance in South-West Germany

Lake Constance is located on the river Rhein in the northern part of the Alps. The lake has three parts: the Obersee (the upper lake), the Untersee (the lower lake), and a stretch of the Rhein called the Seerhein.

Lake Constance is a place where tourists and locals love to go to bathe, swim and play sports.

Lake Constance is known as one of the most interesting lakes in Europe because it is located in three countries Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The lakeshore is located in the German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, and the Swiss cantons of St Gallen and Thurgau. However, according to the Telegraph, the lakes located in Germany are the most beautiful and outstanding scenery.

The lake has an average depth of about 90m, a maximum depth of 254m, a surface area of ​​536 km2, and a capacity of 55 km3. With ravishing scenery, Lake Constance is an ideal destination for you when traveling in Germany.

Bleiloch Dam Lake in central Germany

With a shoreline of over 28km and 920ha of surface area, Bleiloch is Germany's largest man-made dam, built for flood control and hydroelectric power. The lake is given a very special name - Bleiloch - because of its location among the hills of Bleibergen.

Bleiloch Dam Lake

Bleiloch Dam Lake

Bleiloch Dam Lake, built between 1926 and 1932, is a popular recreation area not only for water sports lovers but also for backpackers and campers.

Many yacht services are organized, to provide visitors with excursions on the lake. In addition, this is also an ideal place to organize water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, swimming, fishing, water skiing, etc.

Lake Tititsee in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg

Besides Lake Constance, Baden-Wurttemberg also offers another great lake tourist destination, Tititsee. Tititsee is the largest natural lake located south of the Black Forest.

Covers an area of ​​about 1.3 square kilometers and has an average depth of about 20 meters. The lake deserves to be the next destination for tourists who are intending to travel to the Black Forest.

Lake Königssee in the State of Bavaria

Another famous tourist destination in the state of Bavaria is Lake Königssee bordering Germany - Austria. The first impression of many visitors when coming to Lake Königssee is that it is a large blue lake like a giant mirror, which will let you admire the scenery of heaven and earth reflecting each other from the clear and deep water.

Lake Königssee

Lake Königssee

The clear blue lake water with the gentle golden sunshine of the Bavaria region will surely make you admire the majestic, magnificent but also poetic and romantic beauty of nature here.

Located at the end of the Berchtesgadener Land district, most of the lake area (5,218 km2) is in the Berchtesgaden National Park. With an average depth of 98.1m, a maximum depth of 190m, Lake Konigsee ranks third among the deepest lakes in Germany.

You should visit Lake Königssee in the spring, when the clear blue lake surface is sparkling silver by the early spring sunlight. In the spring, the lake is more beautiful with colorful flowers blooming, creating a new vitality for nature here. That beauty makes this place truly a paradise in the hearts of tourists when having the opportunity to visit.

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