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Tierpark Hagenbeck zoo - an ideal destination for animal lovers

Tierpark Hagenbeck, a zoo in Hamburg (Germany), was established by a man named Carl Hagenbeck. He is so keen on strange animals that he opened a zoo to display them. First opened in the early 1900s, the zoo is still operated and owned by the Hagenbeck family. This is definitely one of the travel destinations not to be missed when you visit Hamburg.

Brief information about Tierpark Hagenbeck 

What puts animal lovers’ mind at ease when it comes to Hagenbeck zoo is that the majority of animals here are not kept in cages but live freely in areas similar to their natural habitats. Instead of cages or fences, moats are designed to separate tourists from animals.

Nowadays, tourists can come across thousands of animals at Tierpark Hagenbeck, including one of the largest herds of elephants in Europe. When coming here, you must definitely visit the Tropen Aquarium. This is an artificial habitat of more than 14,300 animals, including Nile crocodiles and about 13,000 fish. Moreover, there are some restaurants, playgrounds for children, feeding spots for animals, and a huge amusement park.

Tropen Aquarium

Tourists can discover countless species of fish in Tropen Aquarium

Tierpark Hagenbeck operates daily, usually from 9 am to 4:30 pm, but opening hours can vary with the season. An adult ticket costs 22 euros (580,000 VND) and a child ticket (4-16 years old) costs 17 euros (450,000 VND). Admission is free for children three years of age and under.

Tropen Aquarium opens daily from 9 am to 6 pm and sells separate tickets. You can buy combination tickets to visit both places in one day with a preferential ticket price of 34 euros (900,000 VND) for adults and 25 euros (660,000 VND) for children.

Hagenbeck zoo is situated near the Hagenbecks Tierpark U-Bahn metro station. You can also reach here by bus route 22, 181 and 281.

Tierpark Hagenbeck

Tierpark Hagenbeck - one of must-visit travel destinations in Germany

What to see in Tierpark Hagenbeck?

There are many types of animals in Tierpark Hagenbeck. You can encounter elephants roaming freely in both indoor and outdoor areas. Houses designed for elephants make tourists feel like you are lost in some mysterious landscape. There are even waterfalls here.

You can also have a chance to see many strange animals in the zoo that you may hardly find anywhere else, such as the Harry Potter owl. Furthermore, you can buy a map to locate where you are, but there’s no need to follow any specific route when coming to Hagenbeck zoo. Just follow your instinct and curiosity.

Next to a small pond is a beautiful Thai Sala temple. A Japanese garden with its signature Torii gate is nestled somewhere in the middle of the zoo. Whether walking alone or with your family, you can find joyfulness in every step and immerse yourself in the natural sunlight.

Thai Sala temple

Panoramic view of the beautiful Thai Sala temple

Inside a large glass dome is the home of orangutans. This kind of animal is very active. They keep moving around as if they are performing a play. Visitors can climb the stairs to the cabin in order to enjoy the panoramic view.

When you come to Tierpark Hagenbeck, you will definitely see mighty tigers. They lay side by side and enjoy the sunlight. You can clearly observe their every move without worrying that they may eat you because two sides are separated by a moat. When it comes to Bison, they are so friendly that they get very close to the edge of the moat when visitors stop by.

tigers at Tierpark Hagenbeck

Visitors can clearly observe every move of tigers at Tierpark Hagenbeck

At the artificial mountain area called Himalayan Tahr Rocks, visitors can climb stairs to the top of the mountain to enjoy many different views of the zoo. This is a good way to observe mountain goats climbing briskly on the steep rock side.

The zoo in Hamburg always makes you feel like you are in some remote area, especially when you see a flock of Antarctic penguins gathered together right in front of you. In addition, tourists may have opportunities to encounter wild animals such as walruses, seals or flamingos along the way. Unlike the feeling of observing animals in cages, you will find a strong connection with nature when you approach them visually.

Flamingos in the zoo

Flamingos in the zoo live comfortably as they are in the natural environment

The majority of visitors are impressed by the cleanliness of Tierpark Hagenbeck. Animals are well cared and look very healthy, which means the zoo keepers are highly professional and have a huge love for animals. If you have a chance to travel to Germany, don’t miss out on this ideal destination!

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