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20 special things you can see only in Germany

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    Female bodybuilder preparing for Oktoberfest festival

    Do you know that Oktoberfest annually takes place in September? That is an important cultural festival of Barvian. Germans always make good preparations for this festival. There is no surprise that female participants need to work out because waitresses in this festival are also in need of good fitness to serve beer during the festival season.

    germany oktoberfest

    Women in Oktofest running race

    Finger wrestling

    Men in Bavaria know how to train, do exercises and stretch their  fingers to win one of the weirdest championships in the world-Fingerhakeln. The competitors hook their fingers in a strap, then try to pull the opponent toward themselves until their opponents lose.

    Automatic sausage vending machines

    What do you think about food in automatic vending machines? Can it be a box of gum, a bar of chocolate or a biscuit? However, there are vending machines in Germany selling sausages which are made from minced pork, beef or veal.

    No speed limit

    Have you ever seen the “No speed limit” sign? If you accidentally drive on Autobahns Highway, you should know what it means: Unlimited speed. Therefore, it is absolutely legal to drive at maximum speed.

    Funny signs

    The sign below means that people do not feed their children to crocodiles. Actually, feeding crocodiles and swimming with them have been common attractions of local zoos in Friedberg town in Germany recently. However, these things no longer exist because the court has banned such activities.

    german funny signs

    A funny sign in Germany

    Football is the king of sport 

    Football is the most popular sport in Germany. People play football at school and university. Others watch football matches on TV and in the stadium. Table football is also popular. There is no surprise that the largest table football is in Germany.

    Types of sausages

    There are more than 1000 types of sausages in Germany, such as Blutwurst, weisswurst, …

    The narrowest street in the world

    Spreuerhofstraße, which is located in Reutlingen city  in Germany, is considered as the narrowest street in the world. It is only 31 centimeters wide- A Guiness world record.

    Singing Pipes

    When art and music come together, they create an incredible chord. Just looking at this house, it becomes lively when it rains. Would you visit  Dresden and enjoy the Kunsthofpassage and this phenomenal orchestra?

    Angela Kernel Barbie Doll

    It is hard to imagine the President of Germany, Angela Merkel, also plays with dolls. However, she has a trademark doll wearing a classic and elegant suit.

    germany facts

    Angella Merkel doll

    Pillow is weapon

    According to the Germans’ thoughts, pillow is really dangerous. Therefore, under German law, pillow can be considered as passive weapon.

    Do not give a strange name to the children

    If you live in Germany and want to give your children a name called  “Woodstock”, it’s clear that you can not. The government may reject that name because it seems too weird. They said that they did not want the children to feel embarrassed in the future. However, names like Jazz and Lafayette are allowed.

    Fake bus stop

    Many nursing homes in Germany have fake bus stations. If Alzheimer patients run away from nursing home one day, they would go to the bus stop where carers find them.

    Dish from raw pork - Hedgehog

    When you have to choose food for a cocktail party, you can choose some fruits, olives, or cheese. How about minced pork like a hedgehog? It’s a traditional dish that German loves to make for their parties. Are you ready to try?

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