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Interesting facts about German culture

Mục lục bài viết

    Germans like wearing dark clothes, especially black. They rarely wear clothes in bright colors on streets.

    Public transport

    There is no ticket gate on the subways, buses, or any other means of transport. In Germany, society operation is based on the faith upon the honesty of people. There is a small number of ticket officers. They all dress like ordinary citizens when they are on duty. Passengers may be asked to present their tickets and fined up to 200 dollars for stowaway.

    Fake bus stops: There have been many people waiting for a bus at bus stops  in many days without seeing the bus coming. Simply, they are just fake bus stops. They are constructed around hospitals and sanatoriums for the purpose of tricking patients with Alzheimer’s disease and intellectual disabilities.

    fake bus stop

    A fake bus stop at a hospital

    If these patients leave the hospitals, they usually stop at the bus stops and wait for a bus to take them far away.

    However, there is no bus coming until they are found by paramedics, persuading them to return.


    German children in the first grade receive a special gift. According to the German television channel, the nearly one meter long gift is made by hand as a part of tradition. Inside the gift box, family members put in candies, toys, school things and even money.

    The academic year usually begins in mid-August and ends at the end of June. Summer vacation lasts only six weeks or six and a half weeks, whereas students in other European countries have three months of summer vacation.

    Since 2014, tertiary education is free for local and international students at state universities in Germany, apart from Baden-Württemberg state.

    Rules for water usage

    Sandcastle construction is banned on many beaches in Germany. On some beaches, visitors are allowed to build sand castles, but they have to follow the regulations for the size of construction. Rule boards are placed at the entrance.

    If people want to go fishing, they have to attend a training course and get a certificate. In the course, people are taught regulations for fishing.

    Food culture

    Carbonated water (soda) is served instead of ordinary drinking water in café shops. Germans like drinking carbonated water and mixing it with lemon juice and fruit juice. It is possible to drink water directly without boiling it.

    Vendors on the streets sell pizza, mushrooms, milk, potatoes, eggs, and even meat. Actually, local produce is often sold in this way.

    Unusual desserts: In Germany, there are unusual desserts, such as South Tyrolean bacon ice cream — a specialty of Munich city, or strawberry ice cream with balsamic vinegar — a specialty of Frankfurt.


    German society is based on trust and honesty. On Sunday, although all stores are closed, people can buy some products in unmanned stores. Buyers can take necessary items and leave the money in the store. There is a money exchange in case the buyer doesn't have change.

    unmanned store

    An unmanned store in Germany

    If Germans see the lost thing, they have to pick it up and hang it on a tree branch nearby.


    Germans love gardening. They plant trees and gardens wherever they can, even in crowded cities. 

    In the garden, there is a statue of a gnome. It is not only decoration but also a part of culture. In the 1990s, there was a popular prank. People often stole the statue from other’s gardens, then sent a photo of it to the owner before returning it.


    Germans like wearing dark clothes, especially black. They rarely wear clothes in bright colors on streets. 

    People with low or high incomes have the habits of buying second-hand clothes because they are reasonably-priced and environmentally friendly.

    Germans seem to extremely love scarves. Usually, middle-class Germans have a collection of thin and thick scarves.

    dark clothes & scarves

    Germans love wearing dark clothes and scarves

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