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Top 10 popular dishes in Germany

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    Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is a melting pot of many different cultures. Especially, culinary culture in particular has long become a pride of the German people. German cuisine includes not only traditional dishes, but also blends with many dishes of immigrants around the world.

    10 famous dishes that visitors cannot miss when traveling to Germany


    When it comes to German cuisine, it is impossible not to mention sausages. In Germany there are many types of sausages made from kinds of meat such as veal, pork or chicken, creating their own attractive flavors. Sausages can be grilled, smoked, or lightly fried, steamed depending on the request of each customer, then sliced ​​and then sprinkled with sauce and mustard. Usually, this dish is served with fries or bagels. Besides, if some famous pickled cabbage and German beer is added with this dish, it will be the most perfect combo for tourists to enjoy when visiting this country.

    German sausage

    Sausage is a typical dish in German cuisine


    Spaetzle is an alluring dish for vegetarians. This is a type of pasta, but the flour consists only of eggs, flour, salt and a little alcohol. Spaetzle is usually served with veal. However, this is also the main dish. This dish will become more delicious if you sprinkle more cheese on top. The spaetzle originated in the area around Stuttgart. This is the most famous dish of the Swabian people.


    This is a traditional German dish, originating in the Swabian region. The dish consists of a layer of flour outside, the inside is made from minced meat, bread crumbs, onions, spinach and seasoned with salt, pepper, and parsley. Maultaschen is usually simmered and served with broth instead of sauce. Visitors can find maultaschen all over Germany. We can even find frozen maultaschen sold in supermarkets to meet the needs of consumers.


    Sauerbraten is made from many different types of meat, usually horse meat, beef, venison, lamb, and pork. Before cooking, the meat is marinated for several days with a mixture of vinegar, red wine, herbs, and spices. After 4 hours simmered on the stove, this dish will be covered with a dark sauce made from beetroot and rye bread to balance the sour taste of vinegar.


    Sauerbraten is served with red cabbage and mashed potatoes.


    This dish originated in Belgium and is especially popular in Germany during the Christmas season. The dish consists of long thin layers of beef tenderloin wrapped around bacon, mustard, onion, and cucumber. The most special thing about Rinderrouladen is the spicy sauce made from broth, red wine and vegetables that gives off a distinctive aroma that creates the attractive taste of the whole dish.


    Eintopf is a delicate blend of soups and stews that makes the dish taste delicious, rich and full of nutrients. There are many varieties of Eintopf, but usually the dish is cooked with beef, chicken, or fish. In addition, visitors can also add to this dish anything they want such as crackers, pasta, green vegetables, peas, smoked meat, etc.

    Doner kebab

    Doner kebab was first introduced to Germany by migrant workers from Turkey in the 70s of 20th century. Initially, this dish only had meat, onions and a little salad. Later, when Doner kebab became more popular, this dish added vegetables and a variety of different sauces for diners to choose.

    Doner kebab

    Doner kebab 


    This is a very popular German dish, especially for those who like eating meat. First, hams are stewed in German beer, then grilled with flavors of garlic, onion, juniper berries and spices. A meal of Eisbein is usually quite a lot, usually enough for 3 adults. Besides, Eisbein is often served with stewed melons and pureed beans.


    Bratkartoffeln is one of the typical dishes in Germany. The potatoes are boiled and cut into thin slices, and then fried in a large oil pan with bacon and onions until they are crispy and slightly dark. Bratkartoffeln is used daily in German meals.

    Königsberger klopse

    Königsberger klopse meatballs are made with lamb and cream sauce. Lamb is minced, mixed with onions, eggs, pepper, and spices. The dish is served with boiled or mashed potatoes. Königsberger klopse can be found in most restaurants in Germany, but it is most popular in two major German cities, Berlin and Brandenburg.

    Königsberger klops

    Königsberger klopse meatballs are made with lamb and cream sauce.

    In sum, it can be seen that Germany is a great destination for those who want to fully enjoy European culinary culture. Hopefully, the information in this article can provide visitors with useful knowledge for their trip to Germany.

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