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9 taboos you need to know when travelling to Germany

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    Are you intending to study abroad or work abroad in Germany but do not know what to prepare? There is a saying that states “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Therefore when you come to another country, the first thing you should do is to learn about the culture, living habits and taboos in that country to avoid unexpected situations. That helps you quickly integrate and avoid being stigmatized in the new environment. In the following article, let's learn about 9 taboos you need to remember when coming to Germany!

    Working illegally

    Unlike some countries in the Middle East and Africa, working without a work permit is a violation of tax laws and social insurance laws in Germany. Those who work illegally will be punished with fines and even imprisonment. Therefore, even if you want to work to earn extra income, you must work legally!

    Tax evasion

    Tax evasion in Germany is considered "robbing public property". Paying taxes is considered a civic duty, just as the right to vote is their right. Even foreigners who work in Germany have to pay taxes.

    german law

    Tax evasion is considered “robbing public property” in Germany

    Violence against children

    Violence against children in Germany is punishable. Caning is an unacceptable form of educating children, either at home or at school. This is recognized in German Law: “Children have the right to receive a non-violent upbringing. Caning, psychological harm and humiliating measures are not allowed.”

    Making noise

    In Germany, it is not allowed to make noise that affects others. Everyone has to keep order and respect the quietness at night (from 10 PM to 6 AM of the next day). Therefore, if you have an honored guest that you haven't seen for a long time, or you have a party or birthday, you need to send a letter to your neighbors to talk about it and ask for permission to avoid the police asking.

    Bargaining at the supermarket

    Bargaining at the market must have made a lot of people happy, and this dumping certainly belongs to the good shops. However, this is considered a taboo and is not allowed in supermarkets or most stores. If you want to buy cheap things, you can try to search and hunt for cheap things online or go to the second-hand market Flohmarkt. As for places where prices have been recorded, the only way is to comply.

    german taboo

    Bargaining is considered a taboo in German culture

    Feeding animals indiscriminately

    Not all animals are wild, and keeping them is regulated by animal protection laws. Therefore, even if you want to be friendly with your neighbors, you should not feed their pets without asking first. For example, if a cat is attracted to you and doesn't come home often or even doesn't come home, this could be seen as an invasion of personal property rights and could result in a civil action.

    Some parks and zoos have signs that state whether the animals there can be petted, touched, or fed or not. Practice looking at the signs when entering a public place. If you don't understand what the sign says, don't do it indiscriminately.


    Adhering to appointments and being on time are very important in Germany. It shows respect for the date and respect for the other party. Therefore, you should arrive on time or a few minutes earlier than scheduled. If you have to be late due to force majeure, you must also call and apologize for it.

    german culture

    In German culture, punctuality is important

    Taking pictures and getting close to strange children

    In Vietnam, sometimes when you meet cute babies you can soothe and even kiss their cheeks. But that is absolutely not allowed in Germany. Even if the child is open-minded, you can't touch, cuddle or feed them without their parents' permission.

    Another taboo is that it is not allowed to take pictures of children without permission because it can be considered an invasion of privacy.

    Washing the car yourself indiscriminately

    Of course, washing the car yourself will save a lot more than going to the store. However, that is not allowed if you just wash your car on the street. Because the Germans attach great importance to environmental protection, meanwhile, wastewater from car washing contains various substances and chemical compounds that will damage groundwater.

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