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Top 7 best souvenir shops in Dresden

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    Travelling to Germany or any other country, souvenirs are very meaningful. Not only does it remind you of the places you’ve been but also a way to show your family and friends you love them. If you plan to visit Dresden in Germany, don’t miss the following famous souvenir shops in Dresden.

    Meissner Porzellan store

    The first suggestion for you is the Meissner Porzellan store. This is a high-quality ceramic factory, with an age of more than 300 years. Therefore, ceramic products here always meet the satisfaction of all customers, even the most demanding ones. Their products not only focus on quality, but also the appearance, which is highly appreciated, as well as sophisticated patterns always showing luxury and delicate beauty. Meissner Porzellan is also a well-known brand since it is the first ceramic factory in Europe. For this reason, you will see there are lots of tourists around the world coming there to buy souvenirs. 

    Address: Meissner Porzellan, An der Frauenkirche 5, Dresden


    High-quality ceramics at Meissner Porzellan

    BM Kunst zum Leben store

    If you are looking for meaningful German souvenirs for yourself or your family and friends, then consider the BM Kunst zum Leben store. This shop specializes in selling wood carvings, tree decorations, glassware, etc. with various designs. When coming here, you may be dazzled by many unique, eye-catching and cute souvenirs. Particularly, in holidays or Christmas, BM Kunst zum Leben store is decorated shimmeringly and splendidly, so you can take beautiful photos right here. 

    Address: BM Kunst zum Leben, An der Frauenkirche 18, Dresden

    Remember Dresden store

    The Remember Dresden store is a good choice for you to buy souvenirs in Dresden. This is also a favorite shopping destination of young people. Since there are a variety of items on sale here, you can easily find German cakes, traditional cakes or small items such as: cards, key chains, jewelry, handmade jewelry, etc.

    Address: Remember Dresden, An der Frauenkirche 13, Entrance: Rampische Straße, Dresden

    Remember Dresden

    Enjoy delicious cakes at Remember Dresden

    Molkerei Pfund store

    Molkerei Pfund is the name you should consider among souvenir shops in Dresden. As soon as you enter this store, you will be overwhelmed by the luxurious, impressive design and the colorful hand-painted tiles. Moreover, Molkerei Pfund store also appeared in the famous film “Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel''. When visiting here, you can not only choose unique and lovely souvenirs, but also enjoy the city' specialties such as: mustard, chocolate, cheese, bread, etc.

    Address: Molkerei Pfund, Bautzner Straße 79, Dresden

    Kunsthofpassage store

    Not only is Kunsthofpassage a shopping destination in Germany but also a famous place to buy souvenirs in Dresden. This store is quite large, which displays many different souvenirs such as jewelry, handicrafts, handmade items, even tailor-made costumes. Therefore, you can easily find favorite souvenirs for yourself or your family and friends. It is certain that if you don’t manage your money well, you will be tempted and bring back lots of things when you go there.

    Address: Kunsthofpassage, Görlitzer Str. 21-25, Dresden

    Kunsthofpassage store

    Kunsthofpassage store with eye-catching architecture

    Dresdner Art store

    One of the souvenir shops in Dresden you can pop into is the Dresdner Art store. This store offers a variety of items such as drink coaster, magnets, household products, postcards, carpets, posters, etc. It is said that Dresdner Art is the same as a grocery store, but the difference is that items there are unique and more varied than regular stores. Therefore, if you want to find gifts for your loved one when traveling to Germany, then Dresdner Art will not disappoint you. 

    Address: Dresdner Art, Glasewaldtstraße 24, Dresden

    Elbeflohmarkt flea market

    Elbeflohmarkt isn’t a big store, it is actually a riverside flea market. However, Elbeflohmarkt always attracts great attention from tourists, especially those who are looking for souvenirs for their family and friends. The stalls in the market are divided into sections, which help you shop conveniently. There are many types of items on sale such as antiques, jewelry, ceramic products, household goods, fashion items, etc. and many other unique items. 

    Address: Albertbrücke, Dresden

    Elbeflohmarkt flea market

    Bustling stalls at Elbeflohmarkt flea market

    Travelling to Germany always brings wonderful travel experiences. Surely, everyone wants to bring gifts for family and friends at the end of the trip. Hopefully the above list of souvenir shops in Dresden will help you have more options and save time when shopping. Have a memorable trip!

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