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Things to prepare for traveling to Germany

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    Many people don’t know what to do before visiting Germany. This article will help to solve the problem.

    Apply for Germany visit visa

    Whether you travel to Germany or any European countries, you need to complete all necessary procedures to get a visitor visa. So what exactly do you have to prepare?

    apply visit visa

    Visa is a prerequisite for traveling to Germany

    - Visa application form. You can download it on the Internet or get it at the Embassy or consulate.

    - Passport: At least 6 months validity from the date of departure and two blank pages.

    - Financial documents: savings accounts, real estate documents, etc. You can ask your relatives for help.

    - Occupation documents: labor contracts, leave applications verified by leaders. Students need to provide their student ID card and a verified absent application form.

    - Two recent photos of 3.5 and 4.5 centimeters size, taken at least 6 months from the date of applying for the visa. The Embassy will not accept applications with unclear or wrong size images.

    - Confirmation of flight tickets purchase and hotel reservations.

    After completing all things mentioned above, you have to make an appointment with the Embassy. This appointment can only be made once on the Internet. If you make more than once, your appointments can be considered as spam. After booking successfully, you will receive a confirmation email about the appointment. Then, you print documents in this email and submit them to the Embassy at the given time. Remember to be on time.

    Book flight tickets and hotel rooms

    Booking airline tickets and hotel rooms in advance helps you not only to complete your visa application but also to buy cheaper flight tickets and choose your favorite rooms, especially in the peak season.

    book flight tickets

    You should book flight tickets as soon as possible

    To buy flight tickets at low cost, you should make plans at least about 3-6 months from the date of departure. As a result, you would have chances of buying cheap flight tickets and reducing the cost of your journey. Keep in mind that airline ticket prices always change continuously. For more information about the ticket prices and routes, you should make a contact to ticket agents associated with Vietnam and Germany flights.


    Don’t forget to prepare for your journey with necessary equipment. It really depends on the time of your travel to pack your luggage.  For example, if you travel to Germany in winter, you will need warm clothes and accessories such as towels, gloves, and socks. Conversely, if you're going to Germany in spring or fall, you just wear comfortable clothes to keep warm. You don’t need sophisticated clothes and accessories as in winter.

    It’s quite hot and humid in summer. So if you visit Germany at this time, you should wear cool and comfortable clothes and bring sunscreen, glasses, etc.

    Exchange money

    Before travelling, you should exchange an amount of your money in advance so that you can pay for fees that cannot be done with a payment card.

    exchange money

    Euro currency money

    Euro currency is used in Germany, so you can exchange it from Vietnamese currency at banks and airports. However, you should not exchange too much money for your safety.

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