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Instructions for procedures at German airports

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    You should follow the regulations and procedures at the airport when traveling to Germany. These instructions below are very useful when you are looking for airport check-in information.

    Prepare necessary documents

    The most important thing when traveling by plane is to prepare necessary documents to check in at the airport and board the plane. Regulations at German airports are similar to other European countries. Here are important documents.

    Passport, visa

    No matter where you go in the world, you always need these documents. So let’s keep these documents with you in case needed, but make sure they are safe from thieves.

    german passport

    Passport is a required document

    Flight tickets

    All airlines use digital tickets instead of paper tickets. This is very convenient for tourists to check the information, such as ticket number, name, flight number, etc.

    Cash to pay airport tax on arrival

    Some airports require you to pay a small fee for the airport fee, which is usually charged in the currency of the host country. To avoid exchanging money at the airport, you should have some cash. Moreover, you should have some German money to use when arriving.

    Hand luggage 

    Hand luggage is a type of luggage that you are allowed to carry onto the plane. This luggage is restricted to size and weight depending on the plane model and booking class. You are not allowed to carry dangerous items, such as knives, etc.

    Checked baggage 

    You have to send heavy and bulky luggage when you check in. The luggage will be left in an inaccessible compartment during the flight. You can only receive them when you arrive at the destination. The number and weight of checked baggage vary depending on the plane model. If the baggage exceeds the limit, you must pay an additional fee. 

    Check-in process at the airport in Germany

    After getting off the aircraft, travelers follow the instructors to reach the custom area to clear immigration. At that time, you can adjust your watch to match the local time. There are many immigration counters, so you must pay attention to the signs to get to the right counter. 

    At the immigration counter, you show your passport or visa, then the custom officers will stamp or paste some relevant documents. You may need to fill out some forms or answer some questions related to the immigration, though your documents are valid. After that, you have to fill in the custom declaration of the host country. You can ask the flight attendant for the form before arriving at the airport, or they are available at the check-in counter. You can fill out the form in advance to avoid wasting time at the airport.

    immigration to germany

    Immigration counter at the airport

    After completing the immigration, you can go to the baggage claim to take your luggage. You should check the information carefully by looking at the digital board to know which line corresponds to your flight to receive your luggage. There are trolleys around this area to help you carry your luggage.

    If you cannot find your luggage, you must go to the Lost and Found office to report your situation, or you can contact the airline of the flight. When you leave this area, you cannot re-enter and make a complaint.

    In some developed countries like Germany, there are two tax declaration doors

    If you carry items on the tax list, you have to go to the “Goods to declare” door to declare and pay tax, otherwise you go to the “Nothing to declare” door.

    tax declaration

    Tax declaration doors

    To know which items are on the tax list, you can find them on the Internet, ask the German Embassy, or ask officers at the airport. Each passenger can only carry a certain amount of items, such as cigarettes and perfumes. Exceeding the allowance will be subject to tax.

    After completing tax declaration, you reach the arrival area. You can rent a car or take public transport to continue your journey. 

    If you have someone to pick you up, you had better make an appointment and wait for them after tax declaration is completed.

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