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How to book hotels in Germany with good rates?

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    Let’s find out the tips to book hotels with good rates in Germany in this article so that your travel to Germany is not only economical but also exciting!

    Germany is known as the country of advanced civilization; special landmarks and tourist sites; ancient and magnificent architectures as well as splendid castles.

    If you have the opportunity to travel to Germany, you should book your hotel online in advance so that you can save money for your upcoming exciting trip.

    Choosing a hotel to book in Germany

    Visitors should consult in advance the information about the hotel/resort in terms of the address, prices, and services to decide to book a hotel online with the best rates.

    Dulichvietnam.com.vn will recommend and categorize some popular inexpensive hotels in Germany to make it easy for you to find and book a room.

    Hotels in Berlin

    If you want to book a hotel in Berlin - Germany with good rates, we recommend you to book a room at the following hotels, which will save a lot of your money included in your Germany trip.

    Some popular hotels with reasonable prices in Berlin are:

    • Meininger Hotel Berlin Mitte
    • Catalonia Berlin Mitte
    • Novotel Berlin Mitte

    meininger hotel berlin mitte in germany

    Meininger Hotel Berlin Mitte is suitable for group travel or family travel with bunk beds and double bed in a room

    These hotels have rooms provided with a flat-screen satellite TV and air conditioning. A private bathroom equipped with personal hygiene kits and a hairdryer. Rooms also have a bureau, a safe as well as a modern and comfortable minibar. The price of this hotel ranges from about 37 Euros to 75 Euros per night.

    Hotels in Munich

    If you want to book a hotel in Munich - Germany with good rates, there are some cheap hotels recommended for you to stay in this busy city, such as:

    • Hotel Munich City
    • Arthotel Munich
    • LetoMotel Hotel

    arthotel munich hotel in germany

    The warm and romantic space of Arthotel Munich 

    which is suitable for visitors travel in couple

    Cheap hotels have room rates ranging from about 55 Euros to 75 Euros per night. They offer soundproof rooms, free Wi-Fi and a daily breakfast buffet. The spacious rooms are equipped with a minibar and cable TV. Each room has a private bathroom with a hairdryer.

    Hotels in Hamburg

    If you want to book a hotel in Hamburg - Germany with good rates, Visitors can refer to following suggestions about some famous cheap hotels when traveling to Hamburg, such as:

    • City Gate by Centro Comfort Hotel
    • Novum Kronprinz Hamburg Hauptbahnhof Hotel
    • Eden by Centro Basic Hotel

    Inexpensive hotels offer free Wi-Fi in rooms and free computers in the lobby, which is extremely comfortable and convenient for customers. Room rates here range from about 30 Euros to 55 Euros per night.

    How to book a hotel with good rates in Germany?

    Usually, based on the experience of booking cheap hotels in Germany, booking online via websites will be much cheaper than booking directly at the hotel. You should consider and contact hotel booking websites in Germany in advance and ask them to advise, consult prices and choose a convenient place with your travel plan.

    You can refer to the following online booking websites:

    • Booking through global booking websites such as Agoda, Expedia Travel, Booking.com: You are normally required to have computer and English skills to easily book a hotel room with good rates in Germany. One more requirement is that you need to have a visa card to pay online. Sometimes you will have difficulty paying when booking. Problems are inevitable when you make a reservation online.
    • Booking through famous booking websites in Vietnam: the experience of booking cheap hotels in Germany shows that you should make a reservation through famous domestic online hotel booking networks such as: Du Lich Viet Nam Online or some booking pages of other domestic travel companies. To make sure you book the room you want with the best rates, you should contact the travel agency's consulting department for advice on choosing the room that best suits your needs. For more details, you can contact the Vietnam Tourism company to book a cheap hotel in Germany.

    Carefully consulting the basic services of that hotel

    Visitors need to find out carefully about the services offered, the extra services and their cost when they book a cheap hotel in Germany directly or indirectly through websites or organizing professional tours.

    hotel services in germany

    Many services in hotel are offered for you so that 

    you should carefully consult them before booking

    Making a reservation in Germany as soon as possible

    In order to avoid the situation that cheap hotels in Germany are full near the travel time, visitors should choose to book a hotel room 30-60 days in advance of their departure. They also should avoid booking when big festivals in Germany are taking place because it will be difficult for them to book a cheap hotel at this time. Booking early will offer you more choices and save a lot of your money.

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