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How to spend a perfect one-day itinerary in Berlin?

Berlin covers an area of 891.8 km², making it the largest city in Germany and the second largest city in Europe (after London). It is difficult to explore all of this city just within one day, but with such limited time, visitors are still able to spend the most perfect one-day itinerary in Berlin as below.


In the morning, you should have breakfast at your hotel, a restaurant or cafe to fuel up for a full Berlin exploration.

As for the one-day itinerary in Berlin, your first destination will be the Reichstag - the German Parliament building.

The Reichstag is one of the most outstanding attractions in Berlin. When coming here, visitors should visit the dome and terrace (buy tickets in advance) to be able to enjoy the bustling scene of Berlin from above.

After visiting the Reichstag, visitors walk through the Tiergarten area, which is considered Berlin's green lung.

Tiergarten is a park but owns many statues, monuments as well as famous historical sites such as the Soviet War Memorial, the Golden Victory Column (Siegessäule) and the Palace.

Just after a short walk from the park, visitors can arrive at the most attractive and famous landmark in Berlin – the Brandenburg Gate.

The Brandenburg Gate holds great “symbolic value” for Berlin, which is associated with a divided Germany in the past but then marks again the unification and peace of Germany. It is not only an architectural monument but it is also Berlin's pace of life.

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The Brandenburg Gate holds great “symbolic value” for Berlin

Located not far from the Brandenburg Gate (about 600m) is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. This is a destination that brings deep emotions to visitors. It has 2,711 concrete slabs with almost the same size and shape, which commemorates the victims of the Holocaust by the Nazis.

Leaving the memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, visitors continue their Berlin one-day itinerary with another attraction, the Berliner Dom. Berliner Dom is the largest church in Berlin, characterized by Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles.

At the Berliner Dom, visitors can take a rest and have lunch.


After resting and recharging energy, visitors continue their Berlin one-day itinerary with the first destination in the afternoon - Museum Island.

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Sculpture and Painting  13th-18th Century inside the Bode Museum

Museum Island is just a few hundred meters from Berliner Dom, which is recognized by Unesco as a world heritage site. It is called Museum Island because there are 5 famous museums located on it and all are on the Spree River. The five museums are: Altes Museum (museum of antiquities), Neues Museum (museum of Egypt, prehistoric antiquities), Alte Nationalgalerie (art museum), Bode Museum (museum of ancient sculpture and art) and the Pergamon Museum (museum of historic architecture).

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Gorgeous view of Altes Museum - the museum of antiquities 

Visitors can choose some of their favorite museums to visit, if time is managed, visitors can visit all 5 museums or visit and  relax in Lustgarten park.

Leaving Museum Island, visitors then walk about 20-25 minutes to reach Checkpoint Charlie - this is the most famous crossing point of the Berlin Wall during the cold war. This place witnessed many escapes of German or confrontations between American and Soviet armies.

When coming to Checkpoint Charlie, you can visit The Wall Museum to learn more about the Berlin wall as well as the history of Germany, etc.

Just a short distance from Checkpoint Charlie, you can visit the Berlin Wall Museum to see the remnants of the Berlin Wall as well as documents about the Berlin Wall.

In the evening, visitors can move to the Alexanderplatz square - a famous square in Berlin. Tourists can go to the Berlin Fernsehturm TV tower or even go up to the tower to watch the Berlin sunset or the street scene starting to light up. Finally, do not forget to visit the famous Weltzeituhr watch.

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Sunset view to the Molecule Man - a series of aluminium sculptures in the Spree River

Visitors can have dinner at restaurants and eateries in the Alexanderplatz square area. This brings us to the end of the Berlin sightseeing tour in one day.

Summary of a perfect one-day itinerary in Berlin

Attractions: Reichstag – Tiergarten – Brandenburg Gate – Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe – Berliner Dom – Museum Island – Checkpoint Charlie – The Wall Museum – Berlin Wall Museum – Alexanderplatz square – Berlin Fernsehturm.

Means of transportation: Walking.

This is supposed to be the most perfect itinerary if visitors only have one day to explore Berlin. This schedule is suitable for self-sufficient travelers. If going on a package tour of Germany, visitors will follow the tour's schedule.

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