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Tips to save money when visiting Germany you should know

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    When it comes to choosing a traveling country in Europe, Germany is always one of the top choices of foreign visitors. A trip to Germany will definitely become more interesting if you know how to manage costs. The followings tips will help you to save money when traveling to Germany.

    Germany is one of the European countries which always has a lot of interesting things to be explored. German tourism is attractive not only by its beautiful natural landscapes, ancient and magnificent castles, but also by its cultural heritage treasures of humanity. Germany has many gorgeous and famous cities, which are becoming ideal tourist destinations such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, etc. Moreover, when visiting Germany, you also have the opportunities to participate in many street festivals and big sport events. You will have to spend a large amount of money if you’d love to be exposed to all of those activities. Therefore, several ways to save money when traveling to Germany that we are about to share below will certainly help a lot for your trip.

    travel Germany

    Museum Island - one of the famous museums in Berlin

    Expenses that you must incur when visiting Germany

    Expenses for motels or hotels

    The spending for motels or hotels is indispensable when it comes to traveling. Hostel is a quite popular type of accommodation in Germany, chosen by a large number of tourists. Hostel rooms are rooms with bunk beds, and can be occupied with many visitors. The price of a Hostel room usually ranges from €20 / night / bed. If you want to stay in a hotel room, the cost will be much higher, about €70-75 / night. This price is quite expensive compared to the common price in Europe.

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    Living in a hostel is a wise choice when you travel in group

    Expenses for meals

    In general, the price for a meal at restaurants in Germany is reasonable. Usually between €30 and €40. However, you can also go to the supermarket to buy food and then cook by yourself at the Hostel to save money.

    travel Germany

    Mouthwatering German dinner with beer you can prepare yourself

    Expenses for traveling

    Travel expenses are also an indispensable part of a trip to Germany. To visit tourist attractions in Germany, you can go by bus with a bus fare ranging from €2 to €4. Or if you can afford more as well as want to save time, you can move around by train with a ticket price of about €20 to €50.

    Expenses for sightseeings

    Expenses for sightseeings are a must-have part included in the budget. Customarily, the total cost for one-day visiting attractions in Germany will range from €30 to €55.

    4 tips to save money when visiting Germany

    Use bike to go sightseeing

    One of the most interesting experiences when going sightseeing in German cities is cycling. Visitors not only save the traveling cost but they also improve their health and protect the environment by doing that. In Germany, there are separate bike lanes, so traveling is quite convenient and safe.

    travel Germany

    Cycling in Germany is safe and convenient with the separate bike lanes

    Buy cheap train tickets to go sightseeing

    Savings Fares is a cheap train ticket with favorable prices ranging from €19, €29 and €39. This will be a cost-effective way when traveling to Germany, especially when you need to move for long distances. This type of ticket costs less than regular tickets, but only when you pay before the departure will you be refunded or changed tickets.

    Unlike the Savings Fares, the Flexpreis allows you to change or return the ticket before the departure without any extra cost. You can buy these tickets at train stations.

    Regional train tickets and express train tickets: To buy these tickets, go on bahn.de to book tickets. There are long-distance travel trains between cities in Germany and many other European cities, but the price is only around €19.

    Travel in group

    Another cost-effective way when visiting Germany is to travel together by train in a group. Germany always encourages locals and tourists to travel in groups. This is much more fun, you can also have chances to enjoy many attractive promotions and save a lot of money.

    travel Germany

    You can have many promotions and discounts when traveling in group to Germany

    Buy discount items

    Brands in Germany always have a lot of promotions and discounts. Buying discounted items is also a great way to save money when traveling to Germany. Although it is a discount item, you can be assured of the quality of these goods.

    We hope that you enjoy tips when visiting Germany we shared above and we wish you a memorable and enjoyable trip.

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